What is Brink?

It’s a land backed digital source of funds used to create places where mankind can discover and live their purpose. 

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Why Brink

The Earth and everyone in it are at the Brink. This is your opportunity to change the world. Let's use Blockchain for good.

More about Brink

  • Brink is a land-backed token that gets its value from increased productivity and health of the land, its people and their partnering ventures. 

  • Brink has an educational / expertise arm. To improve value of land for each community

  • Membership and education (High growth peer to peer model)

  • Each community develops its own charter. 

  • Brink is the trading currency

Key Features

  • Decentralised exchange

  • Stable > Linked to land value (that increases as its developed)

  • Treasury (capital fund) 100% of value used to invest in land & improvement of land.

  • Liquidity Pool + Brink Issue (+30% bonus in the first 12 months) Sunset clause 3 years on initial offer. Then it reverts to 70/30 rule.

  • Each land investment creates value by being good for people, planet and profit with purpose. (Refer Brink charter).

What does Brink look for before investing in land?

Charter - brings mankind together

What does Brink look for before purchasing / investing in land?

Restoration potential

Multiple streams of potential value add 

Creating liveability (quality)

Operational viability 

Team building potential

(community title?)

Blockchain for Good

This project is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) and the token holders are the beneficiaries of all the land. 


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Connect with self, each other and nature while improving our planet.

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